Design and construction of timeless verandahs

Give your home a stylish and sophisticated edge with a verandah professionally designed and built by Limitless build. Even though residential and commercial architecture in Melbourne has changed drastically in recent years, the presence of the humble verandah hasn’t lost any of its appeals.

With the right choice of verandah roof design, your outdoor area will have the capacity to change the way you live. With the space beneath your new verandah completely protected from the elements, it can quickly become a focus for fun, relaxation and entertainment all year long.

Find the best verandah for your Melbourne property

MDP can help you to determine the best verandah roofing for your property and your needs, ensuring that your home is complemented perfectly by this new addition. We can create your choice of gable, flat, curved and cantilevered structures. Our appropriate use of quality materials such as timber, steel, Colorbond® sheets, insulated roofing etc. will make your verandah aesthetically appealing while meeting all of your requirements. Our focus on, structural strength, attention to detail and architectural integrity means that the finished product will be the perfect fit for your home and lifestyle.

A modern approach to outdoor verandahs solutions

We offer a modern and stylish approach to the construction and installation of verandahs. We’ll prepare a comprehensive design for your verandah, keeping in mind your imagination and requirements. We use quality materials and best construction practices to create the most innovative and long-lasting structures, which perfectly match your needs. With design flexibility at the core of what we do, our experienced team can design an outdoor space for you to enjoy for years to come, whether that includes a verandah, timber decking and pergola or something else entirely!